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Dillon’s Birthday, Youghal.

For Dillon’s birthday we went out for a day trip to Youghal, Co. Cork. Usually we have to walk for over an hour and cross the bridge across the estuary to reach this beautiful seaside town, but our host kindly offered to drive us in for the day.

Youghal, like many places in Ireland, is full of old houses that have been painted different colours from their neighbours’ in the traditional style. It lends the place a real individuality, and there were so many times I found myself pointing at the purple house with lilacs in window boxes, or the yellow house with white window ledges, and shrieking: “That’s where I want to live!”


We started at the beach, where, as well as a heart-shaped stone and numerous dogs with varying degrees of “chill” about them, we saw limpets, mussels, and geese. The morning sunlight was quite strong but the cold wind meant we still had the beach entirely to ourselves.

Then we went on to the Raleigh Quarter to visit the Medieval College Gardens. You can see St Mary’s Collegiate Church in the background of this picture, which is full of weathered headstones and interesting information about the wildlife that makes the churchyard its home.


Finally, after a visit to Sweet & Salty café for the best brunch I’ve ever had, where Dillon and I put the world to rights and I had an animated discussion about Brexit with the lovely Italian owner, we climbed to the top of the old fortified town walls, where you can really get a sense of the beauty of Youghal.


After a quick visit to another café, we made the trek back to Clashmore. It started to rain on the way, but we were glad it stayed away for our day out in Youghal – and, after all, this is Ireland!

Are you planning to travel to Youghal and would like some suggestions of where to visit? Let me know in the comments and I will reply to you.

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