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Update: Japan Visas.

Yesterday morning Dillon and I had some brilliant news. The vice principal of the international school I will be working at in Osaka contacted me by email to confirm that he has received our Certificates of Eligibility! These are the certificates required in order to qualify for long-term visas to travel and work in Japan.

After confirming our current address, he has sent them via airmail to us in Ireland, and we should receive them in the post by the end of the week. Once our Certificates of Eligibility have arrived, we will be able to take them to the Japanese Embassy in Dublin, where we will be issued with our one-year work and dependant visas.

I feel incredibly relieved to have received this news, as we have been treading water since the beginning of February, waiting to see if our application would be successful or not. We were asked to send through a separate marriage certificate from South Africa (despite having been married in England), which caused a lot of stress. After explaining the situation, though, not having this document doesn’t seem to have caused any problems, as the school received our Certificates of Eligibility well within the 6 week timeframe.

My contact at the school suggested we only need to arrive a few days before the beginning of the school year on April 1, but we would both prefer to travel as soon as possible, in order to settle down in Osaka and get as much organised before starting work as we can. I will contact the Embassy tomorrow to find out whether we need to book an appointment, or whether this is a walk-in service (as is the case in London), but we are hopeful that everything is on track for us to be leaving Ireland and travelling to Japan in mid-March, which was our plan all the way back in December when this process began!


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