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A Quick Update: Orientation.

おはようございます(Good morning) from Osaka!

This week has been so incredibly busy. I had planned to post a new entry on Wednesday, but I was genuinely too exhausted to string a written sentence together! In a way though, having to delay updating has been a good thing because it means I can now post new entries regularly over the weekend. So with that said, I’m going to quickly update you on what Dillon and I have been up to this week:

  • We went to buy some essentials for our new apartment from IKEA and Nitori, a department store in Americamura. We accidentally went into the showroom in IKEA despite having made a list of what we wanted to buy, so that was a fairly miserable experience. Pro-tip: go straight into the Marketplace if you can possibly manage it, and just buy all your things and get out!
  • I went into the international school where I am now working for Orientation Days on Thursday and Friday. I learnt a huge amount about what effective teaching practice looks like in an international school in Japan; the IB curriculum; and information for new staff.
  • I went into work on Saturday and decorated my classroom. Despite feeling quite uncertain at the beginning, I really feel so proud of what I’ve achieved there. Hopefully I can post a few photos soon!
  • We are both practising our Japanese, and Dillon especially is really getting the hang of hiragana and katakana. I’m managing to do a unit or two a day, but over the weekend I need to make time for reviewing.

So there’s a quick update for you! I’m feeling very positive about next week. I have another two days for preparation and planning time on Monday, Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, there is Orientation for the students on Tuesday morning, and easing-in days for the students on Thursday and Friday, so there is still a week before teaching begins properly. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to post longer, more detailed posts weekly, but occasionally there may need to be quick updates like this.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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